International Yoga Day

The students of Delhi Public School, Manali celebrated International Yoga Day on 21st June by getting together and performing various yoga asanas and breathing exercises. Under the guidance of an informative instructions from Mr. Pratap Thakur and Ms. Veena Shashni, the students found themselves doing various asanas with great gusto. Most found it hard to believe that such asanas that could be done by anybody could improve memory, focus and concentration as well as help a person have a fit and healthy body. Even though it was a short yoga session, each student became one with themselves, and managed to find a connection between their mind, soul and body.

In a healthy body dwells a healthy mind – is a saying that has been repeated since times immemorial, and is true at every level. Taking forward this salubrious thought, the School has been encouraging mental and physical fitness, and one such endeavor in that direction is the active celebration of the International Yoga

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