Empowering Minds: A Podcast on Drug Awareness and Traffic Challenges

The Learning for Life experience, designed to foster awareness and enlightenment among students, reached a significant milestone through an engaging podcast session organized at D.P.S. Manali on May 25, 2024. This event was a testament to the school’s commitment to providing valuable educational experiences beyond the traditional classroom setting.

During the podcast, a heart-to-heart conversation took place with Assistant Superintendent of Highways and Operations (A.S.H.O.) Mr. Ishant Sen. This interactive session provided our enthusiastic students with a unique opportunity to engage directly with an expert in the field. They were able to ask pressing questions and receive insightful answers on crucial topics such as drug awareness, which is increasingly important in today’s society, and the growing challenges posed by traffic congestion and road safety.

The discussion not only addressed the students’ burgeoning curiosity but also equipped them with essential knowledge and perspectives to navigate these complex issues. Mr. Sen’s expertise and approachable demeanor made the session both informative and inspiring, leaving a lasting impact on all participants. This podcast was a true embodiment of the Learning for Life initiative, highlighting the importance of open dialogue and continuous learning in addressing real-world problems.

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